Friday, March 12, 2004

Its been a while already. But Chris Webber is back!! Sadly though, on top of an nonexistant NCAA basketball (MARCH MADNESS!!) TV program here in Shanghai, I probably won't get to watch that many games of the NBA playoffs this year. That really sucks. Any chances of me getting to watch any of these games is if I wake up early in the morning (assuming I skip classes), decide to stream it on my laptop (laggy and bad quality), and that Shanghai sports channel decides to air that game I want. So yeah, it sucks to be missing out on the sports life. All they show here on the sports channel here is soccer, ping pong and volleyball. Boo.

I got a hold of the new zero 7 CD. Not quite as good, but i'm satisfied. Theres a lot more going on around here that has taken me away from sitting down to appreciate an album top to bottom. But anywayz, my recommendations for the album are 'somersault', 'speed dial no.2' and 'the space between'. I've only heard of the album through once, so that list may change.

I joined the guitar club here! HAha. People are not especially good here, so I fit just good among them. They only play chinese songs....but its cool...I'm just glad there are people to play with.
I guess this brings me to the point.... that the music scene here in China is musically (in terms of its structure, style and form) still a long long way behind compared to the music from other parts of the world. Playing the guitar here in China has such a folk feel to it, its all about strumming very basic chords and singing along to it. Its very simple and it has a strong emphasis upon self satisfication from playing. Argh, I dunno. Whatevaz. LoL.

~~~ Watashi Wa - All of Me ~~~

Ok. Done With.

- Letz all take a moment of silence for every innocent life that was taken away by the 'cruel realities of the world' in Spain yesterday -

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