Monday, March 08, 2004

~~~ Mae - Summertime, Skyline Drive, Runaway ~~~ Recently made my fav bands list.
~~~ Belle and Sebastian - Seeing Other people, Burning Flies ~~~

I really should continue with my food experience in Shanghai right now. But i don't feel like it, i've already been a full day of work. So f*** it cuz its my blog and not yours.

I feel mellowed out. =) Its probably that 'Mae - Skyline Drive' song thats chilling me out right now. I like it....but anywayz, so yeah....where should i start...
Not much breathing room here in Shanghai, I've been constantly out and about most of my time here. Haha, in some way like the way I do in Hong Kong i guess, but different in another that I'm (supposedly) in school around here and I'm abroad in an environment very different than I have been over the past half of my life. I'm content tho. I don't ask for much in life...haha, ok maybe I should take that back...lets just say I am easily satisfied in the short run most of the time.....

Some japanese girls (maybe guyz too, but dunno them yet..wuhaha) are cooking dinner tonight. I think I'll take part in that. Haha. Hey, every man needs to eat too right? I'm too lazy and its too cold to go out anyways. As I said earlier, I'm tired...I had a full day of work. Pretty good class rate today. Went to 2/3 classes today, not bad considering I went to 3/11 last week when my older brother came to visit me.

ARgh. How come I always need to go half way during my entry?


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