Thursday, December 02, 2004


I'm sure some of you are sick of my music blabbering all the time (who wouldn't be by now?) But somehow, somewhere I realized I had never mentioned what about music that has me swept off my here goes an exert from my diary...

In my world, music is life. I doubt there is a more accurate definition of music than that inside my dictionary. It embraces all my emotions. Music is merely just a hobby or interest of mine. It could inspire, motivate, be an adventure, be a form of escape, be a medium of communication, be a learning experience, trigger memories, etc... Music is art.
It's pretty interesting to know that my passion for music didn't grow until 6-7 years ago. Not like it didn't exist in my life up until then or anything, I just simply didn't find it particularly interesting compared to sports or computers or whatever.
I speculate a big part of the upbringing of music in my life was having to have gone to America. Not only was it culturally a whole new experience, I had heaps of free time at boarding school to listen to music. Hmmmm.
The guitar would probably be another good reason of cultivation of my music. The guitar has always been something I've wanted to learn for myself. It gave me much self satisfication. It was and is still a challenge to me (to get better and better and better). Hopefully one day it would be a medium for me to express what I truly hear inside my head. =)

Love music. Share it. I honestly believe if some of you spent more time listenning to it, it would become much more rewarding than you had thought.

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