Saturday, December 11, 2004

Still so Much to Learn

During my drive back up to Vancouver from LA earlier this week, I got into an accident on the I-5 and trashed my car. I was at Portland then, and my ML had to be towed. It was not the most exciting experience at all. Thank God nobody was injured and insurance is paying for the vehicle damages. I ended up taking the train to Seattle (with my three huge suitcases) where my Mom came to pick me up the following day.
Theres still so much to learn. On top of nearly killing myself, I wasn't able to deal with the aftermath of the accident. I was blank and still shocked over the event. It made me feel worthless, spoilt, and young. Next time around, I will take care of my own consquences in a more adult manner.

I will be starting my Computer Science Masters degree at game school DigiPen this coming January 2005. I'm definitely excited about moving to Redmond, WA and starting school again. I know its not going to be easy at all...but to say the least, I know I will enjoy studying a lot more this time through....I hope...

+++ +++ Old, but relevant article to show that I'm not crazy.

+++,2101,65984,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2 +++ I am bullish over multiplayer wireless portable gaming.

+++ +++ Ahhh. More new music coming my way. *drools*

Time to Jet. Returning back to Hong Kong for Xmas this weekend.

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