Monday, January 31, 2005

Slacking Off.

I realized its time to start labelling the music I recommend. From now on, the easier to listen to stuff are called 'A-tracks', and the 'B-tracks' are for hardcore people like me.

~~~ Nelly - My Place feat. Jaheim ~~~ Played out, but I like.
~~~ Lenny Kravitz - Lady ~~~ Only cuz my guitar is in the video..haha..
~~~ David Tao - Fated ~~~ New album for the fans.

~~~ Alpinestars - Burning Up ~~~ Not for everybody.
~~~ My Chemical Romance - I'm Okay (I promise) ~~~
~~~ Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration ~~~
~~~ Hawthorne Heights - The transition ~~~ Punk/Emo i've been into recently

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