Thursday, January 13, 2005

Starting New

Its been a hell of a week.
Moving into my new apartment, starting school, and coping with jet lag at the same time has definitely been a mission. I'm glad to say things are working out nicely though. If anything, I'm most happy about the area I reside in now. Its nice and quiet at Le Chateau in Bellevue, but also at the same time I'm 5 minutes away from a mall, a cinema, and a variety of cuisines (and I mean a huge variety!! Including Vietnese, Japanese, Thai, Jamba Juice, Coldstone, blah blah blah....hehe).

Speaking of food, here is my late new year resolution: I will eat a maximum of 2 or 3 fast food (high cholestral and fatty foods) meals a week. Yep, it'll be an intelligent 2nd step after my previous goal....which was to get food into the stomach as often and consistently as I can. So I suppose now that I have access to a variety of cuisines as I was mentioning earlier, I have no excuse. Haha.

Its going to be a relaxing semester. Two or three CS classes, one Math (oh dear... --; ), and one computer animation class. Should be ok. Hopefully I'll be able to make something out of the extra time I'll be supplied with. I tend to think life (not only school) is a learning process. Its what you make out of it every minute.

+++,14024,1388466,00.html +++ Haha. Watch what you say in your blog.

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