Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Battlefield 2

This is just a beautiful game overall, especially when everything around you is in motion. Tanks and vehicles are rendered with astonishing detail, such as swaying antennas, while the environments themselves are simply beautiful. There are so many tiny details at work, from the concussive effects of nearby blasts blurring your vision to the clouds of dust that appear when tank cannons fire to the tiny fountains of dirt that kick up when rounds land next to you...
The best thing that we can say about Battlefield 2 is that even when it's at its worst, it can still be as much fun as its illustrious predecessors. However, when you experience Battlefield 2 like it's meant to be played, with everyone working together and using real-time voice chat, the game quickly becomes unlike anything else that you've played before. When it's at its best, Battlefield 2 elevates online gaming to whole new heights. Put simply, this is a thrilling and revolutionary game that just has to be played to be believed.

- Jason Ocampo, GameSpot


Also, Robert Horry is sick.

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Anonymous said...

copy n pasted from my xanga

Erik: i've been waiting to play some more bf2
moments later
Erik: even tho i want to make vdo games
Erik: i tell ppl not to play
Erik: cuz its a waste of time


and horry is actually batman