Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Spurs beating the Pistons on Game 4 is worth $15.

~~~ Luna Sea - Shine ~~~
~~~ Beck OST - I've got a feeling ~~~

I just watched Jessica Simpson's video 'These boots are made for walking' while listenning to this song called 'How she sees' by Watashi Wa. It seemed like it fit well. Haha. I think it would be an awesome music video for a band like Watashi Wa. It would be the perfect Marketing scheme to get their name out there. If I was a music video director, I'd totally try to get the rights to do that. It would catch a lot of attention; a video that wasn't made for a band like Watashi Wa in mind. Seriously, the next thing you know, everybody will have heard or seen it.
I'm going to do that. I'm going to make the video so we can all see what I'm talking about and whether i'm just bullshitting (yes, it is definitely a possibility..)
Download Jessica Simpson x Watashi Wa Music Video

So yeah...I ended up 3rd place in the RiffRumble contest. I got pwned (wuhaha...). I had 107 cheers compared to 1st and 2nd place of which got 515 and 473 cheers. My song obviously wasn't a match. I apologize for spamming and wasting the time of all those of you who 'added' me a cheer =/

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Anonymous said...

GO DetrioT!!! 31 points hahaha