Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm in the mood to talk about some very depressing topics. Today, however, I'm going to keep that to myself because I do that too often and am going to soon scare off everybody.

~~~ Ringside - Struggle ~~~ Like music? You will like this.
~~~ Swing - 1984 (demo) ~~~

I went to see a Sonics game last Friday. Pretty awesome with cheesecake (blueberry flavored..hehe). I thinking about getting season tickets. I really should make the most out of this opportunity before its too late. Before I say bye to Seattle, which I assume will happen soon enough given history.

I have problems spending money. Mainly due to the fact that each dollar saved is an opportunity for investment. Ever since I graduated from college and took stocks seriously, I realized making money was all about having money. The more you have in your pocket, the more you can make. Because of this fact, it will never be a good time for me to spend (at least not in the near future).

I wonder if the sacrifices I've made (and will make) in my life will ever really be for the betterment of my future. Somehow I'm starting to think it's just part of who I am and it will never change.


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Anonymous said...

nah not so depressing

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