Monday, November 21, 2005

Its been busy. I presume its a good thing. Being busy keeps me in shape.

I have entertainment attention deficit. I easily lose focus when TV series or video games don't consistently keep me interested. Stories that drag on or repetitive content (such as gameplay) will lose me. Sometimes I think maybe its just because I have very high standards. If I'm not kept immersed, my mind will wander off and I'll start thinking to myself I could be doing something else more interesting. I need to be kept in that state where I'm losing track of time, which I'm finding harder and harder to stay in as I grow older. It wasn't so much of a problem when I was a kid.
Speaking of entertainment, I've recently been watching ABC's TV series 'Lost'. I can really appreciate the story/plot. Its so fundamental, it works so well. Anybody can relate to survival. Even a 7 year old kid and my grandma would be able to enjoy 'Lost'. Respect to the production team. They do their jobs well.

~~~ the get up kids - close to me ~~~
~~~ the jealous sound - anxious arms ~~~

I'm glad thxngiving is just around the corner.

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