Saturday, August 23, 2003

So I'm sitting here writing probably my last entry before I leave back to school. Can't see see myself bother again while I'm here at home.

Its been an extreme week. 7 straight days of partying. Spent 4 mornings passed out elsewhere and 3 mornings back home after 7am. Damn. This is what work did to me, this is how much I had to let out.

A blog entry would never be able to explain what happens in a day here. Events are registered in my brain in terms of with who and where, and not be which day of the week it was. Too many things happen everyday. A typical day could include chilling at home in the morning, out for an interview, shopping, bball, shower at JC, drinks at 2-3 lounges, tsui wah and then drags somewhere out there.
Theres so little time to reflect. Its just not quite possible unless you're determined to make room to do so. It makes me start to believe that such a busy schedule causes me to take things for granted.

Then again, whateva for now.


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