Saturday, October 11, 2003

I believe that best describes my well being. So much in my mind and too much to live up to. My only motivation is knowing that everything will probably pay off sooner or later.
I'm in work mode. I will work and work and work and work until I can't work any harder. Although sad, I suppose thats the only way for me to feel less guilty/regretful about not being able to suceed my short term goals. Yes, it does sound like insanity, but I guess thats where I find the drive to do something. Its a viscious cycle of work.

Sometimes I wonder how hard I can push myself.

~~~ Justin Timberlake - Like I love you, Rock your body ~~~ Cut the introdution, I'm sure everybody knows these songs. I just wanted to say that I am proud to admit to his music. Good music cannot be denied, this guy has soul.
~~~ Jason Mraz - You make me High ~~~


There are oceans between us,
Experiences to live for,
Egos to live long.
Baby show me what it was all for.

1983. Just another year I was born.
Give me another century to prove it all.
I told you something I haven't heard of
How beautiful my dreams call.

Theres nothing I want to do,
I feel I'm living to live by.
Theres everything I want to do.
To be superman is not a lie.

Somethings behind all this time.
The flowers I smell everyday,
They know better than I.
When its my time. It will be mine.

Haha..what was that?


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