Sunday, October 05, 2003

~~~ Morcheeba - Be Yourself ~~~ Yes. Be yourself.

I feel that my blog has lost its tone and color over time. Its boring, reptitive and generally not very interesting anymore. I mean, how would it be interesting when even its author thinks its crap. I'm seriously considering whether I should just stop writing. I figured if I'm continously writing about nothing new or interesting, then its just time to shut this down.

Yep, and hence the effort to reanimate the site by changing the layout and color scheme. The old fashioned blue, blue, blue and more blue airik ramblings site was getting a little tiring. Its sorta like repackaging my product u know? Trying to give it a different feel, shine it under a different light or something. But does it work? Haha, probably not. Not if the product still sucks. Its just another stupid marketing scheme.

My interests have changed drastically over the past 4 years. From still playing video games to practically none. From reading magazines like Maxim and FHM to Wired and WSJ. I spend more time on Yahoo!News than I do on I used to go make visits to Djs such as Qbert and Paul van Dyk, but now I rather go listen to Michael Moore and Nelson Mendela speak. Hmmmmm. I suppose all these things are good signs. Although most my friends don't feel the same yet, to say the least, I'm glad I at least wouldn't have to be worried about not growing up.

I was recently looking back at my previous blog entries. I felt pathetic about them. I don't think I would write about any of that stuff if I wrote today. Its funny cause I can't believe how immature/inexperienced were some of those entries. Haha, and chances are that in a year, when I look back at this entry, I would think the same.

Ok. Time to go move my feet. Yep, junior senior.


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