Wednesday, October 29, 2003

~~~ Damien Rice - Volcano ~~~
~~~ Aesop Rock - No Regrets ~~~ @ Baltimore tonite. I need to make it to these concerts. I really need to.
~~~ The Strokes - Room on Fire ~~~ Yet to obtain this new record. I know I'm going to like it.

So the whirlwind finally came through my apartment this week. Everything fell apart. I crashed into myself and broke into pieces. Great, Hopkins. I love you. Just watch I'm going to pull through.

I finally decided to take pictures of my apartment. I figured its about time. Before I pack and leave. I'm sure thats going to happen before i know it.

My computer integrated surgery and complex analysis classes have been giving me a real good spanking. More lessons to learn in life. And just when you thought things would be easier, you crash into a new built concrete wall. Great. Taking these type of classes seriously only makes me feel even dumber. I mean, I learn a hell of a lot in them. But I end up coming out of the class room feeling ever more so dumb. I'm not even close to being labelled as "smart" academically. It always makes me wonder what my life is for then? I constantly feel like my feet are on two separate boats. I feel like the rope of a tug-of-war =/ Somebody pls win.

My little brother came and cooked me like 5-6 different dishes. I think he cares about me a lot more than i think. hmmm. lol. But yeah, my fridge is filled with boxes and boxes of ready cooked meals. All microwave ready and split into a-box-a-meal. My younger brother is 4 years younger than me, I'm so bad at taking care of myself he has to do this for me =/

Somebody save me.


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