Tuesday, August 03, 2004

At Work....

So yeah....giving the fact that I am a music freak...I finally invested in the new click wheel 40Gb iPod. And after a little more than a week of product evaluation, I rate this product a 7/10. I personally think the iPod is overrated. I mean, sure, its got a chic design, it handles pretty well in your hand (looks and feels mad cool)...but thats as far as it goes. Aside from the fact that the accessories are way way way over priced, managing your music on your iPod/iTunes is just unbelievably crappy. If I have 40Gb of music on my portable music player, there better be better ways to access/manage my music on it. Its pretty user unfriendly when it comes to porting music into your device. I had problems being able to access my iPod through two different computers, deleting songs (doesn't reflect that I have deleted songs in my iPod storage space), and also have plenty of songs that do not have names...I have duplicate artists names such as 'Zero 7', 'Zero7' and 'Zero Seven' (and so, for those that know me....obviouslyI spent hours and hours tagging and renaming all my files using all sorts of scripts and mp3 file managing software....)
On a good note, however, I could confirm that I feel "powerful" with my new iPod tho. 40Gb of music on-the-go in my pocket is something to die for....(yes, and only if its organized)

Been mostly studying over the weekend (yeah..and I thought schooling would be over forever!!). Just hacking at some directx9 stuff. I'm learning how to do some 3D graphic programming. Its going pretty well, I think being able to create my first/third person shooter in the near future wouldn't be much of an overstatement. I will post a link to my work as soon as it is done. Hopefully, you will all check it out when its complete. I really look forward to my demo. Man, thank god for taking computer integrated surgery.

Went to the beach again over the weekend. Body boarding at Manhattan beach. Its so awesome. I am definitely going to make it a habit. Going surfing or body boarding during the weekends after a full week of work is a dream. I'm going to make it come true.
The waves were pretty huge too over the weekend. So yeah, I had a couple major wipeouts...haha...but its cool. Its all for the best. I like the learning process...its a challenge. I need to invest in a wet-suit in the near future though, it gets a little cold a 2-3 hours into the ocean. Both my hands were pale purple at the end of the day, they were numb and shaking.

I'm so going to stay in CA.


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