Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I had an awesome 4 day road trip from Vancouver to LA. Plenty of new memories to live for. The scenery I saw while driving along the coast was not something I expected. It was unreal. I don't think I can use words to describe how beautiful it was. Long, Jeremy, Cheuk and I would just stare at the blankly at the scenery with our jaws wide open.
Memorable moments of our trip included: sleeping in the car in front of the cinema, diversion at Mendocino(hehe), brewery at Eureka (best tangerine and white beer), the best piss, the strawberries, the gangsta lighting, the view, the view, the scenery, the view and jamming in front of the view.
Note to self: You are a moron for not bringing your VDO camera =/

~~~ Maroon 5 - This love (acoustic) ~~~


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