Monday, August 30, 2004

Sunday Morning.

I've been stressed lately. The reality of our world has taken me by surprise. The spread out civilization across California is getting to me. All of a sudden, I realize that I live in such a lonely world. Everybody lives for themselves. It's like a phone call that will not be answered at 4am. A reason why people turn their back at you....

So I ask myself once again...what the hell am I doing in this world? As much as I think I am living the life, I hate it. I hate it for its systems. I dislike the fact that we live in such a sad self-centered adult society. Its where at many points of time in my life it has caused me to just leave who and where I am. Just hop onto the car and drive away... far far away somewhere I can be alone and unknown.

You're a queen that I will always believe in
Its not where but who you are.
Many butterflies fly by me
In a daze, bebel vibrates your ears

Its pretty obvious I don't deserve a flower
Its not the beach. Neither the sun.
The truth is there is none
Just an apartment threatening to lose youself



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