Thursday, February 17, 2005


Following the Super Bowl, I watched a preview episode of 'American Dad' (the new series by the creator of 'Family Guy'). Maybe I was just drunk (or high!?) off my ass, but it was hilarious. I soooo can't wait.

Sometimes I really wonder who I am. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong. Theres so much behind me and so much more to live for. It gets to my head, and prevents me from enjoying the moment...enjoying life. Is there really all that to prove? Is there? I need to learn to take it easy. Maybe what I want is not how I think it is accomplished.

I need inspiration. I've been trying to write songs for my band (we don't have a name yet). But nothing close to satisfiscation dribbles out. I'm not very good at combining the melody (vocal) and the riff together....Help.

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Unknown said...

I know what you mean about combining melody and riffs. It's hard. What works for me is finding something I like, playing it fast, slow, and weird, just getting comfortable, and then letting the melody happen. You have to play it over and over, and be willing to try stuff that sounds stupid. Hope you have some more luck with it.