Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Now I want a DS too

Kirby Canvas Curse is one of the first platform games to rid traditional control over the on-screen character, yet at the same time give players an entirely new way of maneuvering around the world. Here, players must guide the spherical hero using nothing but the Nintendo DS stylus and the wonders of the touch screen technology. And believe it or not, it works incredibly well; the game is among the few titles on the system that could never be done without the touch function because it's been integrated so well into its design. What's more, it makes the game incredibly unique and amazingly fun to play.

Kirby Canvas Curse as another one of these successful departures from the usual Kirby offerings. It's an outstanding design that captures what the Nintendo DS platform is all about: unique and creative gameplay, and speaks volumes of the potential this system can offer gamers down the line.

- Craig Harris

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