Friday, October 15, 2004

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~~~ Velvet Revolver - Fall to Pieces ~~~
~~~ Greyboy Allstars - Sunday School ~~~
~~~ Keren Ann - Road Bin ~~~

Life is full of lessons....some of which are fun and others will take you apart. I definitely learned a few unexpected ones during my stay at Vancouver. I guess its impossible to be able to handle everything in life. Focusing on your priorities equates to losing some others. Adding 1 to the left will always equal to subtracing 1 on the right. Thats life.
I hate balance. I want to be superman. Not so that I can fly, have x-ray vision, break walls or anything of that sort, but I just want to be able to keep up with "everything" that is going on. I'm talking about reaching a level where I can only spend more of my time doing something new and never losing what used to be.

Tonight. I have a confession to make...
I hate myself when I am a cocky egoistic lil' schmuck. As much as I am who I think I am, I am only just another individual being. I really ain't better than nobody. I should not have any needs to prove myself to anybody (unless its expected). In fact, I think I'm a total loser for not knowing better sometimes. I want to apologize to all of those that I have offended.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Live it up Erik. Be better.

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