Saturday, October 09, 2004

~~~ Quarashi - Stun Gun ~~~
~~~ Orange Pekoe - love life ~~~

Christmas is coming. What that means is that a huge line up of big shot games are coming out within the next two months...Nice.
One such game I am particularly interested in is 'Feel the Magic: XY/XX'. Its called 'Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru' in Japan, which translates to 'I Would Die for You'. I think I am generally pretty excited about the Nintendo DS...mainly because of its capabilities: wireless multiplayer connection, two screens (one of which is touch-screen sensitive), and the microphone is going to add a bunch of new gameplay features never heard of previously in portable consoles. It'll be very interesting how developers will implement this new hardware in the upcoming games.
But anywayz, back to the game...the game basically puts you in the role of pursuing the girl of your dreams through a series of canny scenarios. These scenarios include blowing out a candle out through the microphone, rubbing dirt off your lady through the touch-screen, looking for her valuables in the sand, coaxing goldfish to swim up a man's esophagus?? yeah, I look forward to this wacky game. Check out those screenshots...its so ipod.


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