Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Things that Matter Most

We live in such a sad world. If anything, I believe the demise of human existance would be a manifescation of our own. I want you, and you want this. It never ends. Why can't we live peacefully? Why not more ideal? At the rate we're going, the later we are born down the road...the more miserable life gets.

Anyways, my point is there are many things which matter a lot to me. Many of them I probably don't stress enough or any at all. Every so often, I lose perspective of my values, and I don't quite come across the way I would want to in the long run.

I hate myself when I am: cocky, arrogant, ignorant, cheating, stupid and not smart enough, immature, not taking care of myself, mean to my family, lying, moody, selfish, criticizing, obnoxious, not understanding enough, talking too much, etc...
I still have a lot to improve on.

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Anonymous said...

I will be there watching this diary. Just keep it up.

m f s ss s ld d rm mmm m ff r
m f s ss s ld d rre rerere f sm...

Be good and have fun *blink*