Friday, July 11, 2003

Damn, I love Hong Kong. I guess its just normal to be attached to where you belong from. Other than the fact that its sizzling hot here (yes, so take off all your clothes..haha), everythings pretty chill. I suppose only after I've traveled and lived in other parts of the world til I realize home is still home sweet home. Theres no replacement.

I suppose it all comes down to enjoying what you do.....I'm liking work...banking...Central....lunch with my co-workers or friends......and nearly everything else that comes with it. I guess Hong Kong brings out the real side of me, i'm more efficient and more hyped up for stuff.....while on the other hand, the States helps me find out who i am...i suppose thats where i spend more time reflecting my own character and becoming a better person...

Damn...its friday time to blog...theres a lot ahead of me.

~~~ Maroon 5 - Songs about Jane ~~~ get the album.
~~~ MJ Cole - Cut the Chase ~~~ must get album for uk-garage/2 step followers.

aiteaite.....really gotta run.

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