Sunday, July 20, 2003

I'm confused. I feel divergence.

Too many things are going on at one time. Its funny how I both want to stop and realize whats going on around me and also want to let time continue so that things will unfold on its own.

Hong Kong is so packed. My community is incredibly competitive. Maybe what I need to start do is reconsider the way I live my life here. Haha.. I think should start becoming more critcal of my methodologies....I say all this because I've grown up. All the kids of my age are starting to enter the work force. Whether smart, hardworking, ignorant, spoilt, lazy, or realistic will have to live their lives. I see entering the work force as the last chance for any to make serious changes to who they are. So how will we end up? Are we going to split into our social classes? Will the kids with less demanding jobs still be around those that have put in the effort to find a higher paid job?
I'm going to be honest here. I hang out in a community of "better off" families here at home. So how is inheritance going to interfere with our lives? Including myself, I see many combinations of personalities and family wealth. I wonder what will happen to everyone in 10 years time.

I find it awfully hard to be as "real" when I live in Hong Kong compared to the States.

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