Tuesday, July 29, 2003

@Office...really shouldn't be doing this rite now....haha....

Hello and GoodBye

Hear my voices in heart,
Waterfalls in my sky.
The clouds move faster than mine.
Lonely, dry, I'm so high.
She scared me (but why?)
Like a butterfly she spread her wings,
While I cry in the world blind.

Hearing her beat in heart,
Infesting death calls me clear.
Her eyes near mine, fireworks, who denies.
Tears roll down my feet,
I'm broken, disorganized, dry (and why?)
Have I not learned her beat?
Am I an instrument of heat?

Imagine an ideal peace.
I blame time,
Hers grinding against mine.
She held me, and took my smile
So careful, I took the lie.
Now I'm demolished dry,
Hello and GoodBye.

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