Monday, June 23, 2003

Hello there.
I'm sick. Like sick sick. Fever sick. I have a huge headache and a throat that doesn't feel like it belongs to me no more. Definitely, too much craziness over the past week. Its unreal to not get sick after what I've been through though..haha. But yeah, I'm dazed, tired and flying rite now. I still got a hella last week of summer school ahead of me...papers, labs, quizes, practicals....urgh....suck me.

I haven't felt emotions for a long time. I've been living life for the past two years without fear and depression. I was just generally happy with me and my life. But all of a sudden, something has hit me again, and I'm starting to feel like i'm back in square one.....i feel like i have nothing....and nothing at all to look forward to........what else do I have other than my own conscience??...pretty much nuthing. At least nothing more or less than anybody else.....

I'm gonna die if I need to eat another buffalo wing. Seriously.

will be back.

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