Monday, June 02, 2003

Although I've felt down over the past week, I won't let it stop me from being who I want to be. None of this originally struck out to me as obstacles (or bad luck) but I've had some pretty crappy ones over the month (well, one decent one though ^^...but that was like 2 months ago..=\ ).......but anywayz, start off, I found out i had 845 virus infections in my computer today....haha...the funny thing was that it didn't even piss me off a bit.......its 1:13am now.....guess what??? i spent the last 13 hours putting this piece of crap back together so i could do what??
Yep....i wasn't originally gonna come and bitch about this on my blog, but i mite as well.........3am in the morning last week, I was out picking up some food and my tires blew on me!!!.....awesome aint it?? was chilly and i had a T on, shorts and flips flops...........*sigh*.....i guess all i could say is i'm glad Lau was with me....otherwise it'd real suck.....
Haha....this then reminds me of my 2 $100 parking citations at NYC that same day..and the porcelain bowl from the sky that hit my car earlier the week before, i don't want to explain the details.........maybe i shall start blaming god too for doing such a crappy job of making this a fair world......theres more to bitch about but its coo, i dunt want to talk about any of this anymore....
All in all, heres a clean simple middle finger to depression, a 'fui' life and bad luck!! The good times will be coming, i know it, i can't wait already =)

~~~ Camron feat. Tiffany - Day Dreaming ~~~ Yo, lets get down.

I feel like i'm back here all alone again. Maybe thats what "no obligations" mean. It means you have the right to not give a F about anything. I feel like a water bottle, i get filled up, i quench thirst....and then i'm put aside until theres anymore sign of thirst.....i am an object....i do not have to be treated with feelings......fill me up whenever i'm nearly empty and its all good......
So am I important?? Yes. Am I reliable?? Yes. Will I be needed? Yes. Is there a thirst for me?? Yes. Am I taken for granted??

I've been consuming a lot of MTV:Real World these days. Sometimes I feel like such an ass for being human. First of all, as humans, we can be such selfish arrogant ignorant beings. We don't deserve to live in this the moto of the series always says "see what happens when 7 strangers are put together and start getting real and being themselves" are they indirectly saying that we as humans can't live happily and peacefully together??
Second of all, we're all losers for feeding off reality shows. What entertains us is to see other people (people we don't even personally know) cry, laugh, puke, hook up, have sex, be mad, fear, etc.....seriously, whats up with that?? live off others extreme emotions is just straight out, i'm sad......i can't believe i sucker up to that shit too.........haha.......anywayz......crazy talk....i'll probably still continue to spend time watching the real world..

Aite. lab quiz and report due tomorrow.

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