Saturday, February 14, 2004


I'm lovin' it. My study abroad in Shanghai so far has been more like a vacation to me than anything else....maybe this is what I needed. School here is nothing like it is compared to my much less throbbing 6 years in America. I'm now in the metropolitan of China...definitely not a bad city to been at when the country holds two billion+ people. Yes, there are many options here that are willing to give you their number. Haha.

The only slight concern, if any, would probably be that there is not much of a music scene around here. Americans definitely appreciate music a lot more. I guess it isn't much of an influence around here. That pretty much leaves me only with and kazaa for me to keep up about whats going on.

I got a new pair of green air max 95's for $150 yuan. Its ridiculous how much nike profits from its customers. Here in Shanghai, theres this market where you can get the cheapest sport shoes ever. The selection you can find here is also pretty incredible. I didn't believe it at first when my friend told me, but I was in awe for the rest of the day after it was confirmed with my own eyes. Haha, I told myself I will never ever buy sport shoes elsewhere around the world anymore. Oh last thing....those shoes they sell are smuggled from the factories.



Its valentines day today. Not the best day I've had so far. I busted my head playing basketball in the afternoon..might need a stitch or two...argh. My bike was also taken away from me (stupid chinese guards) while I was at the gym.... Damn it. My date is asleep too.


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