Friday, February 27, 2004

Still lov'in it. Theres a pretty good chance I'm going to settle here for good. Haha, maybe that statement will help re-emphasize my point about how much i'm lov'in it here. The three main reasons why I want to stay in Shanghai are:

1. Shanghai is not as developed as other metropolitans. Maybe it will be in the next 30 or so years, but wouldn't that be great? To live not only like a king with low living standards to start off with, but also live through the development of what will be one of the major cities in the future? The next New York City, but in China?

2. People here are generally more relaxed and easy going. Social ties and boundaries have not fully conformed yet. Locals and expatriots/foreigners get along a lot better than I've seen so far in my life. There isn't much of that uptite 'I'm higher class so I don't talk to you' thing going on. You don't need to know so and so to get into the door. I just feel that since everything is still going under rapid change, if I keep my head up and feet firmly on the floor, I have the opportunity to define my own world here. Have more things the way I want it to.

3. Huge second tier industry. Many more opportunities for a business man with a background in engineering and interest in developing/marketing high technology. How much easier can it get for me, I understand the Chinese culture yet I have an education overseas. I'm not trying to talk ego with you, but I'm money. As my friends put it, I'm already a chinese walking dollar bill around here.

~~~ Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Neptunes Remix) ~~~
~~~ Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing ~~~
~~~ Eve6 - Inside Out ~~~

HA. Its Friday night tonite. Maybe I'll go out later, I need a nap. If anything, I would recommend 'Pegasus' across from Times Square Thursday nights. Its my third week here and I've been there every Thursday so far. So yeah, not a bad party at all.

'Õâ¸öÐÇÆÚÎÒÔÚѧÓõçÄÔ´òºº×Ö, ÕæµÄºÃ²»ÈÝÒ×.'

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