Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Haha. A song Will and I wrote then played for Brian on the guitar. Its a rip off of 'Semisonic - Closing Time'. Not bad, considering a couple of us sang it to him in front of a small audience on his Birthday.

Brian's Song - 'Closing time' cover


Its Brian's song,
So put your hands together and give him a birthday cheer
Its Brian's song,
So take off all your tops and let him see your underwear
Its Brian's song,
One last call for alchohol so give him your whiskey or beer
Its Brian's song,
Wish him a happy birthday or get the fuck out of here

We know who he wants to take home
We know who he wants to take home
We all know who Brians taking home
So take her home.....

[2nd Verse]
Its Brian's song,
Undress her slowly in the dark but don't fuck up the bra strap
Its Brian's song,
Light the candles, set the mood, and make sure to keep it wrapped
So gather up the courage and make sure you don't blow it
I hope you can make her come.
Its Brian's song,
Every kiss will get her body closer to feeling numb.


[Chorus again]

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