Saturday, February 21, 2004

Although I don't make it to my classes as often as I should, I feel incredibly productive here in Shanghai. I'm always out and about doing stuff having a good time. Be it shooting some hoops, biking around campus, out downtown for a stroll, checking out the local restaurants....the days fly by just like that. HAha, I've also been consuming a lot more alcohol than I should be too so far. I've been drinking everyday for the past week, sometimes chill drinking and sometimes out clubbing getting a good dosage of shots, cocktails or whateva...
Speaking of which, I like the clubbing scene here a lot. Over the past year or two, I thought I was done with going to clubs, but having second thoughts now. People here are generally pretty friendly, drinks are cheap, and they have Djs that play a good selection of mainstream to keep people continually bouncing off the walls. So yea, I like it.

My first food poisoning experience was not a good one. HAha, the story goes like this: So earlier this week I decided to grab a quick bite at the cafeteria before my class. I had pork belly ramen, fried rice with chinese sausage and bak choi, and a warm milk tea. I'm guessing it was most probaby the damn milk tea, but yea, I finished my meal real quick and headed straight to class. Probably around 10mins into class, my stomach started to feel like it wanted to turn inside out. My first reaction was like 'god damn, are you for real?'. It was coo though, I mean, I quickly sped to the washroom. But only to find out that behind the washroom doors was only a gutter!!! I mean, it was a gutter around 20cm deep, and that was it!! No drainage no nothing. Basically if you took a dump in there, all your belongings would just sit there in this shallow gutter, and would probably stench up the whole floor in the building. Ahhhhhh, haha...the gutter was bad enough already, but they didn't even have tissue paper either. Its not like they were out or anything, but tissue paper is just non-existent in the washrooms. So yeah, I had no choice but to go back to my class room along with my diarrhea to sit and wait. I was at the point I felt cold and had goose was basically the real deal. I just sat there staring at the ceiling trying to think about something else to get my mind off it. Luckily, the teacher gave the class a break at some point, and I just took the opportunity to grab my bag and get the hell out. The bike ride back to my room took like another 20mins. So by the time I was in the elevator going up back to my room, I was jumping at the walls already. So yeah, lesson learned. Bring diarrhea pills and bring tissue WHEREVER YOU GO.


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