Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Back and relaxed on my bed in Hong Kong. What else could beat those tiny moments in your life - laying on your bed with a nice cup of ice cold nestea beside you as you type away your next internet diary entry on your laptop.
I've always had wireless broadband at home here in Hong Kong, although, I've never made any use of it until two days ago. I guess I've sort of changed into a traditional consumer over the years. Instead of adopting early new technologies that will supposedly make your life more efficient, I've slowly turned into the type of person where I like to stick to things that work. I will only switch to new technologies that are showing signs of maturing. Maybe its a sign of growing up.... realizing that stability has become much of a priority.

Another bit of truth of my life - I'm a spoilt brat. Over the past couple months, I've been constantly observing how easy my parents have made my life for me. From the type of clothes and accessories I own to the amount of work that is being done for me at home makes me feel sick of myself. I think I'm starting to really have problems accepting the way of my life. I feel worthless when I know that there are plenty of people in this world that need to take care of many more daily errands than I do. I have always had that extra budget inside my wallet to take care of problems for me. Sometimes, I don't think I even deserve this type of life. I didn't work for it. Its not good enough even if I appreciate and understand where its coming from. I don't think theres anything I can do to really change this around, I guess life just goes on, and you are given what you are born with. Maybe all things do happen for a reason.

Finally got a haircut today. I don't think I quite enjoyed my last hair cut at Tony & Guy in Shanghai. Haha, a little bit of anti-advertising here, but I advise you all to avoid T&G in Shanghai. Its cheap, but really not that great.

I'll be off to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in two days. I can't wait to get some good food. Yum.

The Spurs are gonna give the Lakers a smacking. Haha, was definitely worth staying up until 7am.


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