Thursday, May 13, 2004

Exert from my moleskin diary(yes, the more personal one):

At YVR. Chemical beats knock Business Week, AWSJ and other finance articles into my head. I read them all (soaking up every fact and given theory), and wonder once again how much of a slave I am of this society. I think I'm at this point where I constantly pursue knowledge for the betterment of my future rather than for myself. To better put it, I'm at the point where I've gotten in the habit of following up on all this finance, politics, economics and business shit without even second thinking whether it is to my interest of not. I personally think thats a little f'd up. I'm blood thirsty for knowledge cause I think it'll benefit me in the long run.
Maybe I'm just too driven to let anything stop me from reaching my goals.

To think about it, I am a biomedical engineer. Why start educating myself the materical I can learn studying a different major after I graduate? Or should I say, why major biomedical engineering? I really wonder...

I LOVE NYC. Thats a stone-hard fact. I will definitely miss this place a great deal if I end up spending the next couple years working somewhere in Asia. I like NYC for its style, its food, its numerous cultures, and its wide range of people from all over the world and in different social classes. Its a crazy place. They have top of the world art and design talent, broadways, and most important of all, its own metropolitan like culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
I feel alive everytime I step out from the apartment into the city. Theres the East and West village, SOHO, Times Square, Chinatown, little Italy, Broadway, Union Square, Saint Marks, Central Park, Upper East side, Columbia University on the upper west, Wall Street, and plenty more. This place is packed with everything.
What am I talking about? I'm gonna go out and breath more of this city right now.


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