Friday, May 28, 2004

I'm back in Hong Kong after my "different moment" in New York City. The past 3 weeks has been intense, sane, and fun. I don't think I realize I traveled half the world in that time span. There was no post-trip time to digest what I experienced.

Although I would prefer a job in Manhattan, chances are that I will be better off staying at home in Hong Kong where my path can be cultivated more closely by my elders. Sometimes there is just too much I want to do in my life. In reality, I really am actually just another soul racing against time. But I know ‘success’ is the type of life I want to lead though. And I understand that only with loss, there is gain.

Not only do I have intense passion for music, I love people, women, sports, culture, knowledge, appreciation, experiences, my friends and family, and a list that will continue forever. If anything, it’s that I hate to have to choose only one path (yes, even though it is an individual and distinct one). The truth is I want to live them all. I can be seen as greedy, but I’ve always wanted to live in the shoes of every soul. Be it hardship, luck, or hope, I want to try and live it. Nothing is ever easy, be it you rich or poor, smart or dumb.

~~~ Evanscence – My immortal ~~~
~~~ Bent – Always ~~~
~~~ Murphy Lee – What da hook gonna be ~~~


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