Saturday, April 05, 2003

I traded in my new 'Meteora' Linkin Park CD for the new 'Elephant' White Stripes and Audio Slave CD. I guess I didn't enjoy meteora much. I felt like the whole CD just didn't live upto its expectations. No new sound, and no breakthrough in content. I listenned to the whole CD one track at a time awaiting for the next crazy rap rock ballad to just blow me away, and it failed. I guess that was some sort of disappointment, I was eager to find out that next level these guyz would bring me, and the whole CD was just the same old stuff til the end. Nuthing spectacular, nothing below par.
I guess the only track that moved me was ~~~ Session - Linkin Park ~~~ thats the instrumental DJ track by Mr.Hahn....
Its all good tho, if i'm not mistaken, the White Stripes and Audio Slave albums I got should satisfy my needs. I've been told those are supposedly worth my time.

Haha, I feel like making myself sound like a major geek by stating that I've been hooked onto playing Magic: the Gathering online over the past week. Haha...its tite, and I will stick up to what I like no matter whether it'll stereotype me into a loser geek, nerd or whateva. I am what i am, no shame in who I am and what I like.....Yep, its only smart to live your own flow, don't let the rest of the world change what you want.....Anyhow, all in all, its an awesome game, definitely worth the experience if you haven't played it the game and play unlimited free trials at the magic the gathering website.....

I'm considering graduating half a year early. If my permission to get a math minor is rejected, I'll most probably go ahead and schedule to graduate this coming christmas 2003. If i'll be getting my math minor too, then i'm not sure yet. It'll be hella tough fall 2003, it'll mean a lot of work and pretty much no play. I dunno, saving $18,000 aint really on my parents mind, but I definitely just want to get over with undergraduate college. I guess time will tell, I'll need to make some "decisions" over the next two weeks. To graduate early or not is my question.

~~~ Heaven's Drive - L'arc en ciel ~~~ Hands down, these guyz are my fav......only recently I started to listen to their stuff again, and I was just blown away by the level their music music has developed a lot since the last time I listened to them, I revisited them again and felt like i knew nothing about their music before.......i didn't understand that there was so much more behind what I used to listen to even when i had them playing on my CD player over and over again......i guess maybe its because they're an asian band, they know how to fine tune their music perfectly for my mind......i dunno.....but yeah, this is an all rockers must check out band......I'm confident to say that they'd do crazy well over in America if it weren't that their songs are in japanese...
Oh and yes, they're BACK from rest period!!! They just came out with 3 new compilations!!! I can't wait to hear about them again.


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