Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Once Again, I ponder about the number of people that read my blog. Especially those that I do not know read it, are you one of them??

~~~ 7L and Esoteric - Watch Me ~~~ Hiphop. Chek the artist. Its the best I've seen in a while.
~~~ Morcheeba - Undress Me Now ~~~ Chill Dream Downtempo w/ vocals.
~~~ Weekend Players - Jericho ~~~ "I hear your voice coming out to reach me...."

I feel like whatever I talk about is going to be very biased. I feel like my mind is not clear. Its as if certain directional neurons in my head are being constantly stimulated so that I am overrided to think only in one direction (haha...way too much BME for me). I constantly tell myself I need to keep myself on my feet. Its only for the good, I shall not let myself wander into the deep space.
I've been working out and playing basketball a lot more often these days. Thats definitely been very successful, it makes me feel alive, it keeps me focused, it keeps me busy for the day and tired when I rest. I enjoy complete days, I enjoy a day filled with activities, typically with some variation..... some school, some excercise, kicking back a little, and all sorts of other things.

I enjoy life. I appreciate. Joe, Chuang, Dave and I were just discussing a couple days ago about our normal daily happiness state. We were rating our normal daily happiness on a scale from 1-10 (5 being neither happy nor unhappy), and I rated myself a 7. Everybody seemed to be pretty surprised, but I was glad to think of myself as that happy normally. A year ago I would of probably rated myself a 4-5ish, and another year ago, I would've probably rated myself a 3. Yeah, pretty depressed well being, if i recall, I thought pretty pessimisitic. Everything concluded with 'life sucks, suck it up'.
I have realized though, our moods rely on our outlook and not upon what is happenning or going on in our lives. Its all about your attitude towards things. In many ways I could be judged as biased (I should technically be a 5 normally)...but I don't care as long as its doing me good =) I guess I just don't see a reason to be normally unhappy, while I see a reason to be happy because I'm not unhappy.....alritealrite, enough crazy talk....
What would you rate yourself?

Its a good week.

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